Development of enrichment reagent regime of Cu-Pb ore using sodium dibutyldithiophosphate and sodium oleate

by Olzhas

Balance for final products of flotation


The separation of polymetallic ores at this stage of the processing industry development is associated with the peculiarities of ore formation, fine inclusions, and mutual germination among themselves. Therefore scientific research is focused on finding effective flotation reagents that provide the necessary enrichment indicators. Copper-lead ore with a grain size of 0.074 mm was used in the work. The collectively selective flotation of Cu-Pb ore, sodium oleate, sodium dibutyldithiophosphate was carried out as collectors. Ore enrichment was carried out on a laboratory chamber-type flotation machine with mechanical mixing of the FML brand according to method. Elemental analysis was performed on the ore grade instrument (Spektrolab). Based on the modified scheme of collectively selective flotation of Cu-Pb ore using sodium oleate in the main flotation, calculations of purification operations of enrichment were carried out.