A Study on microwave absorption materials based on carbon black and Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 nanocomposites-filled paraffin wax in the X-band frequency

by Anas


We present the design of good, wideband microwave absorbers based on carbon black/Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 (CB/NiZn ferrite). The ferrite is synthesized by a self-combustion technique using an aqueous solution of sucrose (2 moles of sucrose per metal ion) and different ratios of an aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol (2-4-6%). The chemical is used for the synthesis of CB nanopowder is CB powder (2-8 μm). Then, the process is continued by mixing CB and NiZn ferrite via the ball mill machine. The weight ratio of CB/NiZn ferrite (2:1) with various thicknesses (2-4-6 mm) is prepared. The powders are structurally characterized using X-ray diffractometry and FTIR spectroscopy. The functional characterization is performed by measuring the microwave absorption (MA) properties in the X-band frequency range (8.8–12 GHz). The results are indicated that by adequate control of the thickness of the absorber and the ratio of polyvinyl alcohol, one can tailor the design of a wideband absorber based on CB/NiZn ferrite in the X-band frequency. The absorber with a minimum return loss (RLmin) of -15.3 dB at a matching frequency (fm) of 10.6 GHz has 3.2 GHz bandwidth under -10 dB for the thickness of 4 mm of the CB/F-21 nanocomposite sample which has 2% of polyvinyl alcohol.